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Woah, une française ! Je me suis abonnée à toi hier, mais je n'ai pas fais attention à ta description.. Arf, je sais pas vraiment quoi dire, je voulais juste lancer une petite conversation mais.. C'est raté ;^; -Ou comment paraître comme une idiote en moins de 10 secondes-

Hohoho~ J’aime voir des frenchis sur tumblr 8). Merci de t’être abonnée en tout cas! Alors, tu viens d’où de la france ^^?

Favorite Openings/Endings: Kuroshitsuji - Lacrimosa 
Merci d’être passée. Au passage, magnifique blog mademoiselle. ( Tout cela n'a rien d'une question mais il est impossible de vous envoyer un message. Excusez moi donc pour le flood ).

Oh mais quelle politesse! Je ne savais pas qu’il était impossible de m’envoyer un message? (normalement c’est possible, mais comme j’ai changé de theme hier, je ne sais plus trop où ça se trouve xD. Mais merci de me l’avoir fait remarquer en tout cas. Je vais m’occuper de ça tout de suite ^^)

Sinon, merci beaucoup. Ca fait très plaisir. Le votre aussi est très beau ^^. *ça me fait bizarre de vouvoyer sur internet x)*


please no more of this horrible ”anyone who misgenders grell is a transphobic pile of shit” attitude.

people just don’t know.

grell’s situation in kuroshitsuji isn’t as clear as e.g. laverne cox’s character in orange is the new black. one could very well interpret grell as a very feminine guy,…

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I often see a proof to the two Ciels theory that no one but another Ciel would fit on that pic with him.
Obviously it is possible that it was another Ciel.
However, Elizabeth was the same size as him on that day (Ciel has the same clothes on the pic).
Now tell me why Yana chose to burn her out, that could give us a few interesting headcanons.

do you know of any really good possibly very dirty sebastiel fics?


ohh? ^^ yea yea I do:



mending ties in paris <3

no restrictions (just check out her profil her ffs are awesome and she makes lovely pofics!!!)


when the lights go down

A Magnificent Depravity


la petit mort


Pomme des Luxure

Pet Shop

Classroom Fantasies

Lust in the Air

inertia creeps

sugary condoms

simply meant to be

a slow and steady seduction

the thief


the devil´s canvas (very long)


here you go… (mainly with lemons soo~ have fun ..I tried to find dirty ones XD)

I decided to make a longer post for you guys!!! :)

What is the two ciel's theory?

Basically there is a theory going on in the fandom about two ciels (that would be twins). There are many versions of the theory tough x). You can have a look here where you can find the different versions of the theory.

Here you have evidence, and here why it couldn’t work. I don’t really have an opinion on this theory, whether it’s true or not. Tough I don’t really like the idea of having two ciel’s, and that “our” ciel is fake x) But we’ll see how it goes (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


Ok can we talk about that picture from the Toboso Yana artbook with Ciel in that sailor suit and half of the picture burnt? Because there must have been someone exactly his size who was standing there and Lizzy was taller than him at that point, already. That practically screams “two Ciels theory”. I don’t know whether this has been addressed before since I’m kinda new to the fandom side of kuroshitsuji but I haven’t seen anything about this picture before.
Adding the other two pictures because they’re cute.

Art by Yana Toboso


I kinda have this thing where…In a AU like modern AU for Kuroshitsuji

Ciel and Sebastian are in college, and its exam time and everything, and Sebastian is to busy to always be around Ciel, so he ends up stealing Sebastian’s hoodie, or jacket, and just sorta sleeps in it because it smells like…


What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Black Butler is back to ruin my life again.


Ciel Phantomhive~


bloody butler’s contract, eternity forever and ever | mizzachita


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